Monday, January 12, 2009

Jason Mitchener - Obstacles Don't Get In His Way!

Jason Mitchener I met a very motivating friend on twitter, Jason Mitchener. Mitchener, a Phoenix, Arizona resident was born with a rare neuromuscular disease that now confines him to an electric wheelchair and requires him to use a ventilator to breathe. Nevertheless, while his body may be confined, but his spirit soars free. He is very upbeat and positive individual. (You can follow him on twitter.)

What brought us together is the fact that my son’s race shop is also in Phoenix and Jason shares a love of NASCAR with me. So we started tweeting. Due to several setbacks, including a van in need of intensive repairs, Jason has not been able to attend his church and has had to decline engagements to appear as a motivational speaker. It seems to be such a felony that not only does Jason’s disability render his mobility limited; his lack of a Wheelchair Van restricts him even further!

Consequently, Jason has not been able to attend a NASCAR race in several years either. However, I learned that Dale Sr. is Jason’s favorite driver. I teased that his favorite driver should be my son, Moses Smith, but Jason remained steadfast on "The Intimidator."

NASCAR AngelsRecently Diane Sullivan, from a local Phoenix ministry called “Wheels from Above,” nominated Jason for the NASCAR Angels show in hopes of having his Wheelchair Van fixed. For those of you who do not know, the NASCAR Angels hit the road with a simple mission: to help people and to fix broken cars. With the help of the pros in neighborhood garages and products of NASCAR performance partners, NASCAR Angels help make dreams come true for those in need.

Wouldn’t it be spectacular, if Jason could get his van fixed before NASCAR rumbles into Phoenix for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 on 04/18/2009? I am sure my son would be honored to host Jason if he were able attend my son’s Camping World Series West race to contested in Phoenix two day earlier.

If you visit Jason’s website, you will find that he has traveled a rough road to reach his current state of grace. He has turned his attention to writing and preaching. His song lyrics and devotional writing inspire and encourage Christians to draw closer to God. Jason challenges his audiences to not let the things they cannot do get in the way of the things they can do. I hope the NASCAR Angels will recognize the genuine necessity of Jason’s nomination and help him become mobile again!

Rusty Wallace and Shannon Wiseman if you happen to read this blog please let me know if I and/or my son can do anything to help make Jason’s dream a reality!

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