Friday, December 12, 2008

Irwin - Tell Us Your Vise Grip Story

Hello, my husband Paul is one of the 50 finalists. We are so excited and are asking for your daily votes.

Just log on to the website at:

Enter your email (lower left of screen) & Click the submit button
(if you are not registered with the site, it will ask you to register)

For Promotional Code - Enter Cooltool

Now you are ready to vote.

Click the vote now button (middle left of screen)

Enter Paul's email address in the search by email address box (under photos) and click the >>

That will get you to his entry (paulie valley center) - click on it, read his story, and vote.
(vote for this story - big yellow button)

As a reward for voting - You get to play an Instant Win Game.
You could win cool prizes.

Thank you for your help with this contest and keep your fingers crossed.
Tip- you can place this contest link on your desktop and that will remind you to vote everyday.

z. & Paulie

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